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Success Lily Overlocker

Success Lily Overlocker

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The success SC 0430, a solid serger, not just for beginners. It is compactly constructed and offers enough space for your projects.

The threading looper, so difficult for other Overlock is significantly simplified with the front of the full-folding machine. You can put the two loopers without problems. Simply follow the color marks and get to the point. The SC S4 offers you not only the running sutures known points, but also the point spike fantasy as a border. If accuracy is to be at the rendezvous, the built fabric guide you using sewing. If you do not need the guide, it is possible to remove a snap. The finished sewing, you can cut the thread with the thread cutter blade incorporated in the needle plate. The blade comes out of the needle plate with a push of a button to discreetly disappear again after use. 



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