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Silver 197 Sewing Machine OFFER

Silver 197 Sewing Machine OFFER

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The excellent 197 offers superior quality throughout. Popular with schools and colleges for its robustness and amazing reliability the Silver Viscount 197 computerised sewing machine is also admired for its smooth, quiet and powerful performance. It never fails to impress even the most experienced sewing machine user. The fully computerised Silver 197 sewing machine is packed full of features including a large LCD information screen, memory banks for multiple stitch characters and alphabets.




197 stitch patterns, including 7 automatic one-step buttonholes and an alphabets including numbers, "UPPERCASE" and "lowercase" letters. Plus a huge accessory compartment, neatly split into 2 sections hidden inside the sleeve arm extension which neatly stores all accessories. The Silver 197 has been around for years, however we would say it is a truly impressive sewing machine representing great value and a perfect stitcher... so why change a product that performs very very well...! UTILITY, DECORATIVE, SATIN, DARNING, and EYELET stitches. 7 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes including eyelets. 1 alphabets with upper case, lower case, symbols and numerals. Elongation function Satin stitches can be elongated up to five times. Mirror function Mirror image varies the performance. Twin needle function Twin needle sewing halves the width of stitch patterns and delivers high performance


1. All purpose foot (T) 2. Zipper foot (I) 3. Buttonhole foot (D) 4. Overcasting foot (E) 5. Blind hem foot (F) 6. Satin stitch foot (A) 7. Button sewing foot 8. Bobbin (3x) 9. Spool holder (Large) 10.Spool holder (Small) 11.Spool pin felt 12.Second spool pin 13.Screwdriver (L & S) 14.Edge/quilting guide 15.Brush/ Seam ripper 16.Needle (3x) Soft Dust Cover Power Cord Electronic Foot Control Instruction Book Warranty Information

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