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mySewnet Platinum 2021

mySewnet Platinum 2021

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620151596 BOXED VERSION.

For those who are more experienced in embroidery or crave complete artistic control, starting from scratch opens up a world of endless possibilities.

Our Platinum level software offers you the ultimate control over the creative process, with many different digitizing options.

Use the Wizards as a stepping stone to start your embroideries, providing a foundation on which you can build and create an embroidery design that is uniquely yours.

And that's not all! Platinum comes with a full cross-stitch module, allowing you to easily create beautiful cross-stitch patterns with just a few clicks.

mySewnet embroidery software works with any embroidery machine brand.



Get a complete collection of automated and manual digitizing tools.
Choose the fill, line and appliqué options you want to use
Click points to define the outline of the object.
Create smooth, curved lines with Bezier Mode.
Load bitmap or vector images to use as a guide for digitizing.
Use FilmStrip to organize and edit the properties of objects in your design.
Export the design to a variety of embroidery formats
Opt to link back to the embroidery module for further editing.

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