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MO 204D Overlocker

MO 204D Overlocker

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The MO-204D has many small details that make the messing an experience. For example, the overlock machine features an easily accessible upper and lower gripper, a strong upper and lower blade for the exact section of your sewing material, a differential transport that will help you with stretchy or bi-elastic materials and much more , Sew magical, fine rolled seams in different variations as edges to your light fabrics. In developing this machine, all important factors for overlocking have been considered, and at a price you can afford.




You can easily set a longer or shorter stitch on your overlock machine. Simply adjust the stitch length infinitely between 1 mm and 4 mm using the adjusting wheel. You want to sew wider or narrower seams with your JUKI MO-204D? Simply change the cutting width adjustment. Needle plate and presser foot exchange for a rolled seam? That's history with the MO-204D! Sew dreamlike rolled seams as much as you want. To sew a rolled seam, simply push the slider for the tongue, remove the left needle and you will succeed in dreamlike rolled seams in no time. Adjusting the thread tension is always a tricky business. Especially if a seam does not look exactly the way you want it. To make it easy to adjust the tension for the right thread, the MO-204D overlock machine has different, clearly arranged thread tensions for the hook and needle threads. The default thread tension setting is highlighted so you can restore it at any time.


2 Year Guarantee

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