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Husqvarna Mini Bead Foot 4mm

Husqvarna Mini Bead Foot 4mm

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412701145 All models 1-9 Not for Emerald, Eden Rose 250M, Tribute 140M

1. Snap on the Mini Bead Foot.
2. Thread with Polyester invisible thread on top and sewing thread in a color matching the
fabric in the bobbin.
3. Select one of following stitches depending on which one is available on your
Sewing machine:
• Heirloom Applique stitch, length 4.0, stitch width 4.0,
• Overcast stitch, length 0.9, width 5.0 for 8 and 9 length 9.0, width 5.0
• Overcast stitch, length 5.0, width 4.0.
4. Place 4 mm string pearls under the foot, laying them in the groove on the underside of the Mini Bead Foot. Place stabilizer under the fabric. Lower the presser foot. Turn the handwheel to make some stitches by hand carefully. Stitch pearls to a scrap of fabric first to test thread tension, presser foot pressure, stitch length and width according to the beads. Make adjustments if needed. Stitch slowly. (With some stitches it may be necessary
to adjust stitch length while sewing, or program a stitch for the best result.

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