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Husqvarna Gimping Foot

Husqvarna Gimping Foot

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412580545 All models 1-8 Not for Emerald Eden Rose 250M, tribute 140M Easier with gimping guide

Use the Gimping Foot to create a dimensional satin stitch technique. Gimp thread is guided by the foot as the stitch is sewn over it.
1. Thread a 40 weight Sulky rayon thread on top, embroidery bobbin thread in the bobbin.
2. Insert the gimp thread into the guide on the foot. Place the spool or length of gimp
thread so it will feed smoothly into the foot as you sew.
3. Select a narrow satin stitch. (Follow the instructions for applique with the width just wide
enough for the zigzag to stitch over the gimp.) On computer machines, select the preprogrammed satin stitch and fine tune the length and width to sew over the gimp.
On other machines; select a zigzag stitch, length 0.3–0.5, width 1.5–2.
4. Mark a design onto your fabric and sew over it. The design will be outlined in
dimensional satin stitch


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