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Husqvarna Gathering Foot

Husqvarna Gathering Foot

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Gather fabric or gather and attach a ruffle in one step. Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics. Straight stitch, (left needle position), length 3 to 6. The longer the length, the more fabric will gather. Snap on Gathering Foot.

For gathered fabric:
Place fabric under Gathering Foot and sew. Increase upper tension for tighter gathers.
To gather and attach gathered fabric in one step:
1.Place fabric to be gathered under the presser foot right side up.
2.Place fabric to have ruffle attached to it in the groove of the foot right side down.
3.Sew, guiding the under fabric but do not hold it back. Keep the top fabric in the groove
moving it steadily as needed. Increase the stitch length, upper tension and presser foot pressure
for more gathers

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