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Husqvarna Epic 3 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Husqvarna Epic 3 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

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With a redesigned embroidery unit, reversible hoop capabilities, and the industry’s largest embroidery area, the DESIGNER EPIC™ 3 sewing and embroidery machine lets you explore new techniques and create like never before. 

Please phone to arrange a demonstration.

Receive £1780 worth of goodies including the Luxe Luggage Set (£1,157), Promo Kit (£355), Free-Arm Embroidery Hoop (£169), Extension Table with Adjustable Guide (£99)


New Embroidery Unit
The new embroidery unit reduces noise and vibrations and provides an industry-leading embroidery size of 460x450mm. Plus explore a variety of new and improved techniques to elevate your embroidery like never before.

Free-Arm Embroidery
Embroider difficult-to-hoop projects without opening a seam. Simply slip part of your project around the free-arm when attaching the optional free-arm hoop.

Reversible Hoop Embroidery
The first in the industry to seamlessly embroider a specialty technique like felting or bobbin work, then continue stitching over that design with conventional embroidery. With the reversible hoop you don’t need to un-hoop your project, saving you time and frustration.

Embroidery Projection
Project the image of an embroidery on your hooped fabric for easy placement. See where your embroidery is to generally place a design on your project, or easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries at the ideal size. You can use the precise positioning feature to fine-tune for absolutely perfect placement.

Sewing Projection
Stitch projection enables you to easily preview whatever you plan to stitch on the fabric. Or you can easily align your stitching with an overlay of helpful lines with adjustable angles and grids of adjustable sizes in sewing mode. Achieve perfectly placed stitching while saving precious time.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
Attach any included presser foot and the machine will inform you if the foot is compatible with your stitch selection. It will show you if the foot is attached incorrectly to make sure you are using the best foot in the best way for your projects.

Create a 9mm stitch completely from scratch so you always have the right stitch for your project, or edit one of the many built-in stitches to customize a stitch for unlimited creativity.

Guided Pictogram Stitch Technique
Use the new patented stitch technique, Guided Pictogram, to easily make large motifs while the machine guides you every step of the way. Simply sew until the machine automatically stops and then let the projected guide show you where and when to pivot your fabric until you are done.

mySewnet™ Connectivity
Get creative with seamless cloud-based navigation between your machine screen, laptop and mobile. A 90-day free trial of mySewnet PLATINUM Subscription is included. Access thousands of beautiful ready-made embroidery designs on mySewnet Library plus a live feed of new, free projects, designs and more via mySewnet Blog. Download the free app that connects your phone to your machine. Digitize photos on the go, get live machine updates and more. Access the cloud folder with free 100MB storage for all files saved in one place directly from your machine screen.

Integrated Dual Feed Technology
Feeds fabric from both the top and bottom for effortlessly sewing multiple layers of fabric or specialty fabrics, eliminating the need for a separate dual feed presser foot.


Sewing Features
• Exclusive Stitch Techniques
• Enhanced Fabric Feed
• Extensive Selection of Built-In Stitches
• deLuxe™ Stitch System
• Free-Motion Settings
• Tapering on Decorative Stitches
• Stitch Positioning
• 37 Needle Positions
• Stitch Repeat
• Stitch Balance
• Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes
• Sewing Functions
• Stitch Density
• Sew with Embroidery Unit On
• Mirror Image of Stitches
• Stitch-Width Safety
• Twin Needle Program
• Stitch Restart


Embroidery Features
• Specialty Embroidery Attachment Capabilities
• Industry's Largest Embroidery Area
• Hoop Scanning
• Design Positioning
• Most Built-In Specialty Technique Designs
• Create Shape
• Create Applique
• Embroider Buttonholes and Decorative Stitches in the Hoop
• Automatic Jump Stitch Trim
• Customize Embroidery Designs
• Basting Options
• High Embroidery Speed
• Welcome to Embroidery Stitch-Out
• Four Embroidery Hoops Included
• Hoop Positions
• Thread Database in Machine

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