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Husqvarna Edge / Joining Foot

Husqvarna Edge / Joining Foot

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412796845 All classes 1-8

Guides topstitching. Guides trims that are sewn to an edge or when two trims are sewn together. Edge/stitch: Straight stitch, left needle position, length 2–4.

1. Snap on the Edge/Joining Foot.
2. Place edge of fabric against flange/guide. Sew. Topstitch: Straight stitch, center needle
position, length 2–4.
3. Snap on Edge/Joining Foot.
4. Place flange/guide at line to topstitch. Sew. Joining: 3 step zigzag, or bridging stitch,
length 2–3, width 4–7.
5. Place two pieces of fabric or trim, one on each side of the guide/flange of the foot.
6. Sew. Keep fabric/trim against the flange/guide to join them

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