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Husqvarna Clear Invisible Zipper Foot

Husqvarna Clear Invisible Zipper Foot

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Invisible Zippers (sometimes called concealed zippers) are most often seen in the center back of a dress, in the side or back of pants and skirts, and in some home dec projects. As the name implies, the zipper is hidden in a seam, becoming virtually
invisible. This zipper application is often thought of as very difficult to do, however it’s really one of the easiest, especially when sewn with the HUSQVARNA Clear Invisible Zipper Foot.
1. An invisible zipper is always inserted before stitching the garment seam.
2. Mark the length of the zipper opening on the seam allowances and on the zipper.
The excess length should be at the bottom of the zipper.
Snap on the Clear Invisible Zipper Foot
4. Select center needle position straight stitch. Length 2.5-3.0.
5. Place the right part of the zipper on the right side of the seam, right sides together. The coil
should be placed on the seam line, starting about ¾” (2cm) below the cut edge of the
6. Carefully press the zipper teeth slightly to the right and lower the presser foot, so that the
coil lies in the groove to the right of the needle.
7. Starting at the top, sew the zipper in place. Stop at the mark on the zipper and seam
allowance and tie-off.
8. Place the second zipper tape on the left side of the opening, right sides together. Make
sure both coils are level.
9. Pin the zipper in place. Open the zipper.
10. Lower the presser foot with the left groove over the zipper teeth. Sew in the same way as
the first guide.
11. Close the zipper. Place the fabric with the zipper right sides together. Pin the rest of the
fabric below the zipper right sides together.
12. Snap on the regular Zipper Foot E to the left of the needle. Adjust the needle position
as needed.
13. Sew the seam from the lower edge and up to the zipper overlapping the backstitched seam.
14. Press the seam open

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