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Husqvarna Button Foot with placement tool

Husqvarna Button Foot with placement tool

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412934545 Fits ALL 1-9 Except Emerald Series, Eden Rose 250M & Tribute 140M

This presser foot for sewing on buttons raises the button slightly off the fabric to give a slight thread shank to enable easy buttoning, and prevent the button from being sewn too tightly to the fabric. press presser foot extra lift if available on your machine to make attaching the presser foot easier.

1.Thread with matching sewing thread on top and in the bobbin. Snap on the Button Foot.
2.Slide the Retractable Thread Shank Guide into the desired position. All the way back will
give you no thread shank. The first position will give you a shorter shank for light
weight fabrics. The second position (all the way forward) will give you a longer thread
shank for heavier fabrics.
3.For a button smaller than 1/4” (6 mm), use the Placement Tool. Insert the Button
Placement Tool into the holes of the button. Note: Avoid using a button higher than
⅛" (3 mm).
4.Insert the Button Placement Tool with the button in place into the slot in the foot. The
button will automatically be placed in the correct position for sewing.
5.Remove the Button Placement Tool.
6.Select “Button Sewing” on your SEWING ADVISOR™ feature. Adjust the Stitch Width if
according to the width between the holes in the button.
7.Sew on your button following the instructions in your User’s Guide

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