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Working with stretch/ Make a T-shirt GM7. 28.10

Working with stretch/ Make a T-shirt GM7. 28.10

WORKING WITH STRETCH on a SEWING MACHINE and making a simple 't' shirt (no Overlocker needed)
Gill McBride. Friday 22nd April. 10.00 - 4.00. £50
For the day you will need:
" A t-shirt pattern. See the suggestions below and either use one of them or try and find a similar pattern. If you are not sure about your pattern choice, contact Gill with your alternative suggestions to ensure that it is suitable for the workshop day.
" Jersey fabric, suitable for a 't' shirt or top. A cotton mix jersey is good.
" Thread, pins, fabric scissors etc
" Stretch needle and stretch twin needle**

Optional (for making pattern alterations):

" Pattern tracing paper, paper scissors
" French curve - if you have one
" Fine liner pen, pencil and soft rubber

On the day, you will learn about techniques for working with jersey and other stretch fabrics and then in the afternoon you will make a simple top with your purchased fabric.
Pattern suggestions:
" Sew House Seven Tabor V-neck top
" Liesl & Co Chai Tee
" Simplicity S8892 and S8950
" Style Arc Besharl Knit Tee Pattern No 026
" New Look 6556
" McCalls 6964

Buying Stretch fabric online:
" search for 'jersey dress fabric uk'. Most online fabric shops sell a good range. A cotton or viscose mix is good. Many fabrics have 'weight' detailed. The best weight for a t-shirt is around 150gm.

NOTE: Whether or not you finish making your t-shirt on the day, will depend very much on your own level of sewing ability!

email: sewwithgill@gmail.com
** The best makes of needle are Schmetz and Klasse. Twin needles come in varying widths (ie the distance between the needles) from about 2mm to 5mm. The most useful width is about 3mm.
A good article to read about machine needles is:

Price: 50.00 (Including VAT at 20%)