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Zoje ZJ500 Portable Blind Hemmer

Zoje ZJ500 Portable Blind Hemmer

The ZJ500 portable blind hemming machine is suitable for sewing trouser bottoms, cuffs, skirt bottoms, coat bottoms, and knitted materials etc. Ideal for dressmakers, alterations & home furnishings with easy threading, adjustable stitch length and depth of needle penetration.

Includes table clamp, knee operated arm, skip stitch facility, adjustable for flat bed or free arm and complete with tools and accessories.

Needle: LWx6T
Stitch Length: 3-8mm
Adjustable needle penetration
Presser Foot Height: 7mm
Speed: 1200spm
Volume: 400mm x 360mm x 335mm
Weight: 13kg

Price: 270.00 (Including VAT at 20%)