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Trouser Fitting GM4 27.5

Trouser Fitting GM4 27.5

Friday 27th May. 10.00 - 4.00. £50
For the day you will need:
" A trouser pattern of your choice. If you unsure about which pattern to use, please contact Gill with your queries/suggestions to ensure that it is suitable for the workshop day.
" Calico or other practice fabric to make a toile/muslin.
" Thread, pins, fabric scissors etc

Optional (for making pattern alterations):

" Pattern tracing paper, paper scissors
" French curve - if you have one
" Fine liner pen, pencil and soft rubber

On the day, you will learn about your trouser pattern and which is the best size to cut. Then you will make your trousers in calico/practice fabric and we will fit them on you. All fitting adjustments will then be transferred to your paper pattern, ready to start making your final garment.

NOTE: You will not begin to make your final pair of trousers on the day as there will not be enough time.

Workshop not suitable for total beginners

Email: sewwithgill@gmail.com

Price: 50.00 (Including VAT at 20%)