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Success SCC405 Celine Coverstitch Machine

Success SCC405 Celine Coverstitch Machine

Most of you already have a sewing machine, a serger and now question the usefulness of an additional machine, namely a bottom cover. A bottom cover focuses on sewing hems finishes in elastic materials or seams on the assembly, the work of planking and decorative stitching.
Knowing that you already have some knowledge about the use of a bottom cover the question now arises whether the purchase of a machine SC C4 brand Success. Nothing's easier ! This machine offers first exceptional value. The SC C4 also has everything needed by a bottom cover. For a large crossover point with 6 mm, 3 mm or narrow with a triple point of a 6 mm wide recovery, the SC C4 knows no restriction and has precisely these types of points and of course a chain stitch 2 son. Let the points aside, because this bottom cover also has a large area of passage under the arms, for example if you want to sew the middle of your sewing project and if you need to do this a little more space that 'usual. The bottom cover SC C4 is naturally endowed differential transmission for optimum seams in stretch fabrics, the threading aid for lower looper, the pressure setting of the crowbar and, as already mentioned, a sewing industry well arranged.

Unleash your creativity with the C4 SC bottom cover of Success, a trademark of baby lock Deutschland GmbH. We pay particular attention to the customer, to a single use, quality and a value satisfying.

Manual thread tension
The thread tension adjustment? A thorny affair? Not here.
Every thread tension has its own color, allowing you to easily set the optimum voltage. So you master yourself the look that will take your seams ... and you will see ... you get the desired sewing results in a jiffy.

differential feed
The elastic materials often cause problems, most of the time they wrinkle or seam is completely shifted. This phenomenon belongs to the past! Using the differential transport your bottom cover SC C4, you can adapt optimally transport your machine to the work material, allowing you to get the intended result sewing. If you wish, you can also adjust the differential feed to obtain full seam puckering effect and this time wanted, then you get decorative stitching or finishing wavy edges.

Adjusting the stitch length
You will find on the left side of the machine the stitch length adjustment button. A control opening tells you at a glance the length of selected item. You can easily change the stitch length corresponding to your wishes 1 - 4 mm.

A wide passage under the arm with 90 mm
To make the seams in the middle of your sewing project, you need space in both directions. This is frequently deficient on simple recouvreuses. But not on the SC C4 Success! A passage under the arm of 90 mm width provides enough space to make the seams in the middle of the project - and you will not need to roll or otherwise.

threading support for the lower looper
Threading the lower looper with a bottom cover is always a little tricky, so the bottom cover SC C4 has a threading aid for this purpose. Just simply take the help of threading lower looper forward to the wire in place, fold down the threading aid and that the yarn perfectly in position without any effort.

Pressure setting the crowbar
Besides the transportation differential, the pressure of the crowbar is also essential for sewing stretchy and elastic materials. The bottom cover SC C4 offers the possibility of adjusting this pressure as appropriate and to obtain a better sewing result. Do not worry - you can always return to default setting, clearly marked.

Integrated wire cutter blade
Our engineers have also found a solution allowing you to quickly and easily cut the thread chain at the end of your work. A wire cutter blade is integrated in the lifting lever crowbar and can easily cut the thread chain or amputate the end of sewing son.

The needle assembly
A well-arranged needle device is essential for sewing hems finishes. This is precisely what has our bottom cover SC C4. You have good visibility of the sector in which the needles sting in the fabric. The advantage is that you can stop precisely at the place where the marking is located in the cloth, or successfully width desired hem, because now you see where you sew.

Price: 549.00 (Including VAT at 20%)