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Silver 10A 5 Thread Coverstitch & Chainstitch

Silver 10A 5 Thread Coverstitch & Chainstitch

This machine is not just an overlocker which can use 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads to produce various types of over-edging. The Silver L10 can also sew a 2 needle or 3 needle cover hem stitch. We won’t stop there, as it can also sew a single needle straight chain stitch. It is a very versatile machine and comes pre-threaded with white thread cones, so is ready to get started straight out of the box.

Having a single machine which can quickly be converted by changing needle positions to allow hemming stretch fabrics is very convenient. It offers a space saving solution and is also the most cost effective way to own a combined overlocker and coverlock machine.

The Silver L10 overlocker has a remarkable 20 different stitch variations, including 15 overlock stitches, 3 types of coverlock stitches and a chain stitch as previously mentioned. Stitch widths range from 2.5 mm to 5mm, stitch length can also be set to suit the weight of the fabric being sewn, as can the cutting width.

Stitches Include:
5-Thread safety stitch
4-Thread overlock
4-Thread safety stitch
3-Thread overlock
2-Thread overlock
Chain stitch
Safety stitch
Rolled hems
2-Needle coverstitch
3-Needle triple coverstitch

Use the differential feed to add a lovely lettuce leaf effect on light weight silks or chiffons, or set the differential feed to the opposite way to gather cottons for bedding or children’s dresses.

Included is an instruction manual with clear colour images showing the threading paths of each of the 20 stitch programs. It uses special ELx705 needles and spares are included in the box.

Other accessories included:
Soft cover,
Spare cutting knife,
Needle thereader and needle inserter,
Edge guide,
Needle key,
Lint brush,
4 white thread cones with thread discs, and nets.
A handy fabric waste catcher can be clipped in to place to save getting material lint on the table.
A sewing table for extra support when sewing a cover stitch.
The Silver L10 uses an electronic foot control for greater speed control even at very slow speeds.

Price: 499.00 (Including VAT at 20%)