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Sew Slip Mat

Sew Slip Mat

SewSlip has a non-stick top surface which is bonded to cured silicone. The tacky back holds the SewSlip to your machines surface. Simply remove the protective brown sheet, position the hole under your machine needle, and sew! Its that simple!
SewSlip eliminates the drag on your free-motion sewing and quilting projects. Best of all, you don't need to tape SewSlip down to have it stay where you put it.

SewSlip is a generous 12" x 18" with a needle hole predrilled that fits most sewing machine beds. It can be cut with scissors if needed. We suggest storing it rolled up with the brown undersheet in place to keep it clean, but SewSlip is completely washable so will last a lifetime! When the tacky silicone side gets full of lint, threads, and/or cat hair, hold it under a running tap. The water will wash the mess away. Pat dry and you are good to go!

Keep your rotary cutter far away! The sheet is like fabric and will cut easily.

The SewSlip sheet can be used with your fusible projects and will withstand up to 500 degrees F. Your home iron only gets to around 350 degrees F, so it is safe to iron on it.

The SewSlip sheet makes a great palette for inks and paints. Easy clean up and no staining!

Featured in Fabrications, Sew Today and Sewing World magazines.

Price: 23.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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