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Overlocker Accessories Workshop LS8* 3.5

Overlocker Accessories Workshop LS8* 3.5

Overlocker Accessories Workshop. Friday 3rd May with Laura Savill from 10 - 4 pm. £80. PLEASE CALL THE SHOP TO BOOK
We will provide the overlocker and Optional Feet Set (fits all overlockers)

This is a workshop building upon your overlocking skills. We will be trying out five different techniques using the appropriate Optional Feet. These will include bead work, piping, blind hems, gathering/shirring and elastic insertion. Having mastered these skills we'll then put them to use in a project for you to take home. You will also take home notes, samples and handouts. On the day we will supply, fabric, threads, needles and anything else that we use. We also provide all the refreshments, biscuits and sweeties that you can drink and eat…. And of course cake!!!! Lunch, however is not included.

Price: 80.00 (Including VAT at 20%)