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In the hoop Sampler Blocks LS3* 28.5

In the hoop Sampler Blocks LS3* 28.5

In the hoop sampler blocks with Laura Savill at the Holy Trinity Church Hall, Albert Place, FK8 2RG from 10 - 4pm on Tuesday 28th May
This workshop is all about quilt blocks……. Imagine not needing to cut accurately or to have to ensure you don't wobble on that ¼" seam. We will be stitching out 8 sampler blocks, including Log Cabin, Pineapple and Twisted Log. Some will be simple, requiring just one hooping, others more complex but all fun and achievable. This workshop is suitable for all embroidery machine owners and hoping to be owners (we can rent you a machine for the day). All fabrics, materials, embroidery designs and templates are included, as are refreshments and cake.
Please phone the shop to book or click on the link

Price: 90.00 (Including VAT at 20%)